March 31, 2013

Portrait in Words

 Thanks to my daughter's post  on pinterest, I found a website that allows you to do your portrait in words. 

   For my portrait, I chose the 23rd.  Psalm.  
   One of my favorites.  
You can write your own words as well.

   The website is:
   It is a free website.

This would be sweet to do
with children and grandchildren,

and weddings and anniversaries.

Blessings Everyone,

Blessed Ressurection Sunday

   When we got to the little country church in McCreary county this morning, 
we met one young preacher leaving, 
and following behind him was the pastor and his wife.  
They had called church off because most of the congregation was sick. 

We had driven several miles and wanted to attend church,
so we stopped at another church on the way home.
This little country church sits on top of a large hill,
partialy secluded from a busy highway.

It had been many years since we had attended that church.
Things were much the same, and we felt so much at home.
What a joy it was when they called for 'Altar Prayer', since so many 
of our churches around here don't feel a need to pray at the altar, anymore.

After the prayer, we had beautiful heartfelt singing by a couple of ladies, there.
The Holy Ghost moved from breast to breast, like in the days of old.
Some will question what I am saying, because they have never felt the Holy Ghost.
All I can say is, " it's better felt, than told."  Old time singing, old time preaching. 

What a Blessing to know that God still has His people throughout the world.
I am honored and humbled that God visited us on this ' Ressurection Sunday.'   

March 13, 2013

Snow Drops

Snow Drops
   This morning I listened to a local radio program called Tri-County Spotlite.  It is a buy, sale, trade, or give away program.  I love to listen to the show, not only because of the good buys that come on from time to time, but, because I know so many of the callers.
   You never know what is going to be advertised, goats, chickens, hogs, homemade quilts, honey, homemade butter, fresh eggs, or just about anything else you might think of.
   This morning one of the regular callers called in to advertise her quilt tops; this lady has a long Southern Draw with a Cincinnati Slang, and in her very distinguishing voice, she told the host that she saw some Snow Drops outside before she called in.  It was snowing here, and I took a picture of what should be Snow Flakes, but, sure enough they looked a lot like Snow Drops to me, too.

   Think it's time,' I get a life?'
Blessings Wherever You Are, Trisha