June 30, 2013

Old Linen, Crock, Sifter, & Fur

Linen, Crock, Sifter, & Fur

    This is a most unlikely combination of flea market finds.  An old flour sifter, vintage linen, a crock bowl, and a fur collar, but, when I go out junking, I buy what I like even if it doesn't go together.
   The old sifter is from the 1800's, it had belonged to the great grandmother of a sweet little vendor who is probably in her seventies.
   The old crock bowl belonged to the grandmother of another vendor, who is in his sixties, and is getting ready to move to the Phillipines.
   The linen tablecloth is from the 40's or 50's, no kinship associated with that vendor.  The fur collar came in a box of junk, I don't know where it came from, but, it is a good eyecatcher.  It has been great weather for flea marketing this weekend, lots of good deals everywhere.  Hope you've had a great weekend, wherever you are.  Blessings, Trisha

June 26, 2013

From a Footstool to a Sewing Box

Wood Sewing Box Makeover

   I have been busy making lots of things, but, haven't had time to post pictures of them. This little footstool had a flip lid, so was a perfect candidate for a sewing box makeover.  

   I downloaded the vintage sewing machine graphic from Fairy Graphics, and printed directly onto the material. I did this by applying laminating plastic to the back of my material, and a small piece of card stock taped across the top back with the tape covering the edge of the material in the front. This gave the material enough stability to keep from jamming in the printer.  
   I used upholstery trim to cover my seams where I sewed the printed legal page sized piece, to the other pieces of material to make it large enough to cover the top.  I padded the top with quilt batting, and stapled the material to the back side.  I covered the back side with eyelet, folded the edges and lightly stapled.  

   It became a perfect home for vintage sewing notions, and the padded top worked great for a giant pin cushion. 

Have a Blessed Day, wherever you are, Trisha

June 16, 2013

Nippon Hatpin Holders

Nippon Hatpin Holders 
     I found these pretty Nippon Hatpin Holders at a local flea market on Saturday.  The two in the back of the picture are Nippon, the one in front is actually a saltshake, but, will be pretty for smaller hatpins. 
   I don't usually buy Nippon because it is so pricey, but, though these were priced at $25.00 each, and the saltshake was priced at $20.00, the vendor graciously made me a price I couldn't refuse.   
   I don't have any hatpins yet, but, I've always wanted to collect them, now I have something pretty to display them in, when I  find them.

God Bless you on this beautiful Lord's Day,

June 04, 2013

Where Mayapple Grew

Yesterday, I talked with someone from my childhood days,
and, I was reminded of things, I hadn't  thought of in awhile.
It was in the early 1960’s, we lived on a small farm in Rockholds Ky.
We had a cow named Phoebe, and lived a mostly quiet life.
Though we lived within a few hundred feet of a major highway,
the farm stretched for what seemed like miles behind our home.

We played in the big woods behind our house and walked through patches of Mayapple, 
standing like tiny umbrellas across the shaded forest floor.
One day our trek through the woods took us a little farther than we were
used to going.  We were within earshot, and clear sight of a railroad track,
we heard a train coming, and ventured a little closer out of curiosity.

Though we had seen trains when we went to town,
 viewing one up close was something we were not used to. 
 This particular day was eventual in it’s own way.  
We didn’t realize it then, but, we were watching history in the making.

We were a couple of hundred feet from the railroad track, 
and watched as the train slowly traveled the long stretch of rail.  
Our eyes widened when we saw the train cars loaded with missiles, 
with armed soldiers, standing along side them.  
We watched for awhile, not knowing exactly what this was about, 
but, decided we should run back to the house and tell mom about it.
We later found out about the Cuban Missile Crisis, then about a year later 
                                     our beloved President, John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
                                            On that warm and quiet day beyond the big woods
                                             where Mayapple grew, we watched history unfold.