January 23, 2013

Sewing on my Old Treadle Sewing Machine

Sewing on a Treadle Machine 
   Another cold January day;
a perfect time to do some sewing
on my old Singer Sewing Machine.  
This old treadle sewing machine
really takes me back. 
I learned to sew on one just like this.
 I never have any trouble with it,
stitches & tension are always good. 
  Today I made Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Cornmeal, & Tea Sacks. 
   I wanted to use material bigger than a sheet of paper, so, I couldn't print directly onto the material.  I ironed the material, & cut laminating plastic, peeled off the back & adhered to the back side of material, making sure it was flattened down good.  I layed a  sheet of paper on top of material & cut around it with sissors.  My printer is set to print face down, so I placed the material down with the laminating plastic side up.  I printed at least three labels on each piece of material.  It printed great.  I sprayed the labels with Scotchgard Fabric Protector, pealed off the plastic & let material dry.  Then I layed material, print down on my ironing board & ironed on Thermo Web Heat Bond to the back, after it cooled, I pealed off the paper & cut out my labels, then ironed them onto my sacks.  They turnd out pretty good.  Hope you find something you love to do on this cold January day. 
Blessings, Trisha 

January 18, 2013

Underneath the Frost is Green

Underneath the Frost is Green
   Frost blanketed the fields
 behind our house this morning; 
though our thermometer read 30 degrees,
it felt much colder.  
The sun came up only a short while ago, 
and is already melting the frost away.  
When I poured my coffee, 
I looked out and saw everything frosted over, and thought how warm the sun felt,
 shining through my kitchen window;  
and how underneath the frost was green, 
and how soon this Kentucky sunrise 
will usher in Spring.
Then I am reminded, to everything,
there is a season. 

                                                                                        Have a Blessed Day!  

January 16, 2013

Just Another Kentucky Peddler

    Do you love a good junk sale?    I do.
 I took this load to the booth, back in the summer.
To tell you the truth.
  It was a lot more fun getting out and finding it,
than it was selling it.
The best part was; I got to keep my favorite things.

Fun Being a Kentucky Peddler

Now it's January, it's cold and snowy;
 but, somewhere I just know that yard sales are blooming.
So I am smiling!

Have a Blessed Day,

January 06, 2013

There is Hope for Fallen Man

Watching the news this past month has prompted me to write a poem:

There is Hope for Fallen Man

Has the world gone mad while we were sleeping?
So much violence, so much crime.
Darkness lurks in the eyes of some
like evil waiting to be born.

We know things can be better.
There is hope for fallen man.
Jesus Christ is still within reach.
If we purge our hearts, and take His hand.

Somewhere, flowers bloom, and angels sing.
And The Father sits on His throne.
While deep in our hearts, sin grows and festers,
holding us captive and far from Home.

Let not this story end this way,
if it be so, with us this day.
The final chapter of our lives,
is one in which, we'll want a say.  

Hope you have a wonderful day, Trisha