November 24, 2013

Still Painting it White

White Stick Trees

    I'm still painting everything white, but, now I call it Christmas White.  I used firewood cut up for tree stumps and cuttings from our Persimmon tree for the tops.  I painted them white and sprinkled them with clear glitter.

Painted Christmas Tree & Greenery

   I had this little green tree and centerpiece, I normally would use flocking or spray snow on them, but, didn't want to make a trip into town to get any, so, I used white paint and a brush and painted them too.  Before the paint dryed, I sprinkled them with clear glitter.          

So far I haven't gotten any paint on this little guy. I would want to have a black and white speckled cat.

Hope you are having a good and Blessed day, wherever you are, Trisha   

November 16, 2013

Old Salt Glazed Milk Pitcher

Old Salt Glazed Milk Pitcher

   I found this nice old salt glazed milk pitcher at the flea market today.  I haven't found many mantle pieces lately, so I was overjoyed.  I love the salt glazed pieces, but, they are so pricey I usually pass on them.  This one was in my price range.  Now I will be looking for more to set on the mantle beside it.
   Hope you had a nice day, wherever you are, Trisha  

November 12, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

9 ft.  Garland

   It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our house.   I've been busy making garlands, wreaths, signs and lots more.  I took advantage of the warm day yesterday and put up my outside decorations.  This is probably the thickest garland I have ever made, measuring around 10 inches through and 9 ft long.

Framed Christmas & White Satin

   I made a few framed Christmas prints, the one at the top is 'White Christmas' in a weathered look frame, the small round one is a 'Joy to the World' printed on cloth and framed in an embroidery hoop, the large one in the center is a burlap trimmed 'Compliments of the Season' the last two were made with downloaded graphics from 'Graphics Fairy', on the wood hanger, I weather painted it, and applied 'JOY' graphics with Mod Podge and used it to hang a hand crocheted collar.  I also made a small white satin tablecloth, and framed a crocheted doilie in another embroidery hoop.
Signs of Christmas

Hope you are having a good week, 
Blessings, Trisha

   I  had fun making these Christmas signs.
I applied peel and stick letters over black
painted boards and dry brushed them with white
to give them a weathered look. Then I removed
the letters, on some of them I mod podged gold,
and red letters over weathered look boards.