October 28, 2016

Making Christmas Candles out of Wood

Wood Candles
    I made these wood Christmas candles a few days ago.  I thought they would be easy to make, but, they weren't, because I didn't have the tools I needed.  First of all, because of the wood I chose to use, I didn't think using a table saw was a good idea. I was afraid it might bind on me, so I used a hack saw to cut the wood into pieces.  That took longer than I thought it would.
    To cut the holes in the top, I used a drill with a keyhole drill bit.  That only cut a ring around the center about 1 inch deep, but, left the wood in the center.  I used a wood chisel to chip out the excess wood, which again took longer than I had thought.
   Now for the easy part, I painted two of them with solid color paint, that I just poured out of the can and let drip over.  The square one, I painted with a brush, using red paint, then brushing white paint lightly over it.  I then melted candle wax and poured over the top and allowed it to drip down all sides.
   Last I inserted battery tea lights. Chipping out the center was what took the longest time.  If you have a drillpress, and a cut off saw, it would only take minutes to do all of it.

Hope You Have a Blessed Day,

October 09, 2016

Country Baptising Kentucky Style

Pastor Dow Goodin, Brother John Goodin,
John's Great Grandaughter, being baptised,
John's Grandaughter waiting to be baptised.

These could have chosen to have been baptised in a baptistry,
but instead have chosen to be baptised the way people did in Bible days.

  Baptised in the name of the
Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
   This beautiful October day in McCreary County Kentucky will hold lasting memories for three people who have given their lives to Jesus.  
   While the sun shined high in the sky, and a light wind blew, the temperature in the mid to upper sixties,and the water temperature cool, nothing held back the happy smiles on the creek bank today.

How Beautiful to See a Young Mother
 and Her Daughter Baptised on the Same Day.

   A typical Baptising at Indian Creek generally means,
congregational singing on the creek bank,
two or more preachers preaching,
and a wonderful time of fellowship.
                                                     Today was that kind of day.                                                                     

A Young Convert Following the Lord in Baptism


   How precious to be a part of this wonderful Holy Service on the banks of Indian Creek in McCreary County Kentucky.

May God Bless You is My Prayer, Trisha

October 04, 2016

Painted Okra, and Potato Sack Pumpkins

Painted Okra and Potato Sack Pumpkins

   This has been such a beautiful day, that I wanted to make a few Fall decorations.  I like using things I already have.
   If someone needed to decorate a large space, this would be an inexpensive way to do it.
    I let the okra dry before I painted it.  I used craft paint, but, any paint would be fine.  The little potato sack pumpkins are lined with yellow tissue paper and stuffed with plastic grocery bags.  I used okra pods for the stems.
   Hope you have enjoyed this beautiful Fall day.

Many Blessings, Trisha