September 10, 2016

Old Fashioned Days in Williamsburg Kentucky

Carbide Light carved out of coal, by Kentuckian Alvin Powell

     It has been a beautiful day to enjoy the festivities at the Old Fashioned Days Celebration in Williamsburg, Kentucky.  I bought this carbide light carved from coal. It was a logical purchase for me because my Dad, Bob's Dad, and his Grandpa were all coal miners.  I talked with Mr. Powell, who carved it; he seemed to be a very nice and talented man. 

John and Sonya Parrott, Jellico, Tennessee

Had to buy this one, sounds delightful.

    Erica is a very nice young crafts woman.  It is refreshing to see young people getting involved in making crafts and enjoying the rich heritage of the Williamsburg Old Fashioned Trading Days.
POLE PUMPKINS by Erica Flannery

Kenneth and Barbara Stephens are very nice and a joy to talk to.  
They have very high quality woodwork.

 by Kenneth and Barbara Stephens from Glasgow, Ky.

A STITCH IN TIME, Quilts by Fern Ledford and her two Sisters

Fern is a beautiful woman with a wonderful
zeal for life.  She also had homemade lye soap
for sale.  I purchased some of that.

WOODCRAFTS BY Daymond Helton

 Daymond greets everyone with a smile and is happy to pass the time of day with his customers.

I spoke with the lady that made these little jumpsuits, she was very nice and gave me permission to photograph them and put them on my blog, but chose not to include her name with the post 
Christmas Angel
    So many beautiful things, such wonderful Crafters, and Blessings of Sunshine.  
What more could one ask for?
Mesh Ribbon Trees

Beautiful Fall Wreath

September 07, 2016

Inverted Shelf Redo

    I have been looking for a shelf to sit on our fireplace insert during the Summer months to display small items.  I found this small shelf at our city wide yard sale. It was perfect for what I had in mind.

    The only thing I did was, turn the shelf upside down so it would sit upright, then, I unscrewed the hooks that are now at the top and turned them upside down and screwed them back into place for hanging small items.

    This is without a doubt, the easiest makeover I have done, but, I am pleased with the results.  The items displayed are very sentimental, from the old skeleton key that belonged to my husband's mom, a carbide light that belonged to my husband when he was a boy, and one that belonged to his grandfather, the portable butler, a gift from my father-in-law, the sad iron trivet, a gift from our daughter, and an old sad iron like the one I used as a girl, an old snuff box, and a lodge wrought iron skillet ashtray, a gift for my husband from our daughter.
    Hope you are having a beautiful and Blessed day and finding lots of nice old things that bring back happy memories.