December 28, 2013

Yard Sale Gypsies

Yard Sale Gypsies Tote Bag
God has been so good to us, and we thank Him.
We had a good Christmas, and spent 
 time with our daughter after Christmas.  
We enjoyed it so much. 
 Look what a cute tote bag she made for us.
   She knew we liked to run the big yard sales, 
like the 127 Sale, the 68 Sale, 
the Hwy. 25 Sale, the Rollercoaster Sale, and 
local sales, too, and that we call ourselves
  'Yard Sale Gypsies.'  
Our daughter thought it was cute, 
and made this tote bag to carry our snacks in. 
We hope to put it to good use this summer.
Have a Blessed New Year, Trisha 

December 17, 2013

A Christmas Prayer for 2013

               A Christmas Prayer for 2013

   If a smile to a weary soul, is all we have to give,
and we give it in the name of the Lord,
that smile becomes a gift.

   Whether our finances are meager or fair,
let's share what we can, and seal it with prayer.

   Our prayer for you this Christmas day, 
is that Christ's love abides in your heart to stay.

Merry Christmas Everyone, Trisha

December 03, 2013

A Winter Walk and Mountain Tea

Wild Mountain Tea

   Today was such a beautiful December day, we took a walk down to the lake behind our house.  The smell of the woods and the trickle of the creek that ran along side the old wagon road took our thoughts back to childhood days.  We walked, talked, reminisced, and smiled.
   The photo on the right is 'Wild Mountain Tea' one of our favorite things to look for in the woods when we were kids, it tastes like Teaberry chewing gum.

Cliff on the Ridgetop by the Old Wagon Road

  We meandored around this cliff and
down to what people around here call the  'Stick-ups' where, when the lake was built 35 years ago, the water backed up over the standing timber.
   There had been a lot of Beaver down there, that had cut several large trees trying unsuccessfully to dam up the back waters of the lake.

    Pine needles had fallen from tall Pines alongside the old road and draped the branches of Ivy Bushes.  I told my husband." Look, it looks like they are decorated for Christmas.  It looked like they had been hung on the branches like the silver icicles once used on Christmas trees.  We had a wonderful day.

Hope you have had a beautiful and Blessed day, wherever you are, Trisha

November 24, 2013

Still Painting it White

White Stick Trees

    I'm still painting everything white, but, now I call it Christmas White.  I used firewood cut up for tree stumps and cuttings from our Persimmon tree for the tops.  I painted them white and sprinkled them with clear glitter.

Painted Christmas Tree & Greenery

   I had this little green tree and centerpiece, I normally would use flocking or spray snow on them, but, didn't want to make a trip into town to get any, so, I used white paint and a brush and painted them too.  Before the paint dryed, I sprinkled them with clear glitter.          

So far I haven't gotten any paint on this little guy. I would want to have a black and white speckled cat.

Hope you are having a good and Blessed day, wherever you are, Trisha   

November 16, 2013

Old Salt Glazed Milk Pitcher

Old Salt Glazed Milk Pitcher

   I found this nice old salt glazed milk pitcher at the flea market today.  I haven't found many mantle pieces lately, so I was overjoyed.  I love the salt glazed pieces, but, they are so pricey I usually pass on them.  This one was in my price range.  Now I will be looking for more to set on the mantle beside it.
   Hope you had a nice day, wherever you are, Trisha  

November 12, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

9 ft.  Garland

   It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our house.   I've been busy making garlands, wreaths, signs and lots more.  I took advantage of the warm day yesterday and put up my outside decorations.  This is probably the thickest garland I have ever made, measuring around 10 inches through and 9 ft long.

Framed Christmas & White Satin

   I made a few framed Christmas prints, the one at the top is 'White Christmas' in a weathered look frame, the small round one is a 'Joy to the World' printed on cloth and framed in an embroidery hoop, the large one in the center is a burlap trimmed 'Compliments of the Season' the last two were made with downloaded graphics from 'Graphics Fairy', on the wood hanger, I weather painted it, and applied 'JOY' graphics with Mod Podge and used it to hang a hand crocheted collar.  I also made a small white satin tablecloth, and framed a crocheted doilie in another embroidery hoop.
Signs of Christmas

Hope you are having a good week, 
Blessings, Trisha

   I  had fun making these Christmas signs.
I applied peel and stick letters over black
painted boards and dry brushed them with white
to give them a weathered look. Then I removed
the letters, on some of them I mod podged gold,
and red letters over weathered look boards.

September 19, 2013

Blessed with a Second Crop

Blessed be the name of the Lord

   A few posts back I wrote of planting 
a second crop in our garden.  
Today I want to give God the glory 
for Blessing it. 
    Just look how pretty the sunflowers are,
 the mustard greens in the background 
are lush and tender, as well as the lettuce,
 the turnips are growing faster 
than I can remember in past gardens,
we have lots of little cucumbers setting on,
 the dill is almost ready,
 and the Pink Half Runner beans 
should be ready in about a week.
Miniature gourds are climbing tomato cages and sunflowers
          and marigolds are starting to bloom.  
      Thanking God for Blessing our second crop.  

We are still enjoying the first crop in our garden, 
             and now God had done it again. 
Latter rains, plenty of sunshine, and cooler temperatures. 
 Hope you are Blessed, wherever you are, Trisha

September 17, 2013

Paint it Black, Grey & White

Black, Grey, & White

   This week I've been playing around with the paintbrush again.  Pretty much, if  it was sitting around in the garage, it got sprayed with a coat of black paint, and then dry brushed with a grey and white.
   Glad our cat wasn't hanging around in the garage, he might have looked more like a skunk, than a cat.
Serving Tray Makeover

French Country Shelf

Wood Crate, Urn, Hat, & Frames

   I sprayed this large serving tray with black, dry brushed it with grey & white, let dry, and mod podged it with downloaded graphics from Fairy Graphics.  This would be great for a sewing room.

   I sprayed this shelf with black paint, dry brushed it with grey & white, then mod podged it with graphics, from Fairy Graphics.                

  I told you, whatever I found sitting around in the garage got painted.  So the crate, the urn, the hat, and the frames, didn't escape the bristles of my brush.  Ahh!  I did have fun.  Hope you are having fun, and are Blessed this beautiful day, Trisha

August 31, 2013

Old Butter Churn & Memories of the Good Ole Days

5  Gallon Butter Churn
    We found this old 5 gallon butter churn 
                   at a yard sale today.  This one is a keeper. 
 Sure takes me back to childhood days 
when some days we had so much milk, 
mom and us girls would all churn at the same time. 
 One of us would use a churn like this one, 
one would use an old crank paddle churn, 
and the others would poor milk in gallon jars, 
and shake them on their knees.  

Those were the days when so many families, 
including ours, raised most of our food, 
we raised a garden, chickens, hogs, and a cow.  

   Can't help but think we'd be a lot healthier
 if we raised all our food today, 
 just like in the good ole days.  

                       Blessings wherever you are, Trisha

August 19, 2013

Baby Hawk

Baby Hawk in the Distance


   This morning I had a pleasant surprise, the hawks that have been guarding their nest in the trees you see in the far distant middle of the picture, have hatched their baby, I'm not sure how old it is, but, this is the first time it has been near us.  We've been watching them for many weeks and listening to their piercing calls.  The parents are very large and don't come near the house.  This little guy wasn't a bit shy about being photographed.  I caught a glimpse of him as I came around the corner of the house sitting on the hay fluffer.

Even the Hawk Knows it's Lot in Life
   I followed the baby hawk a little ways out the road and stood under the powerline and took it's picture.  It wasn't the least bit afraid of me.  When I looked up at it, I stood in awe of the beauty of God's creation, for even a baby hawk seems to know it's lot in life, for it seemed to take command of the sky on it's first flight out of the nest.

   Hope you have a Blessed day wherever you are, Trisha

July 29, 2013

Fodder Shock & Garden Shade

Fodder Shock
   It is a beautiful day in Southeastern Kentucky, today. The mid 50's temperatures this morning has turned into 70's with filtered sun, shinning through the clouds, this noonday.  July, usually holt and smoltery has been a beautiful month this year.
   We planted part of our garden with a second crop of beans, sun flowers, minature gourds, dill, marigolds, and coneflowers,  and needed to clear our small corn patch to plant mustard greens and turnips; so today we shocked the corn to clear the ground.
   We're not rushing Fall, just shocking the corn out of necessity.  Hopefully in a week or so, we will do the rest of our planting.

'Old Shep' Found a Shade

   While we were shocking our corn, our cat, 'Old Shep' rested in the shade of the 'Princess Feathers' I have planted along the edge of the garden.  He wants to be with us, whatever we are doing, but, he always finds a shade.

   How Blessed we are to live in the country, be able to raise a garden, and to have the companionship of and 'Old Shepherd Cat'.  Hope you are Blessed wherever you are, Trisha

July 20, 2013

Aprons & Sugar Bowl Pin Cushions

Dress Front Apron &/Bonnett

    I've been making aprons the last couple of days, here are pictures of a couple of them.  The one on the right is a floor length granny apron with bonnet.  I hope to get a few more of these made before Fall.  This one is more of a costume type to wear for 'Old Fashioned Days',  festivals, etc.

Short Full Apron

   The little pink apron to the left is a shortie.  My husband says it looks more like a bathing suit.

Sugar Bowl Pin Cushions

    I found a these old sugar bowls at the flea market a few days ago, they didn't have lids, so,  I decided to make pin cushions out of them.  I don't like to see pretty old dishes go to waste, I like the way they turned out.
Hope you are enjoying these warm summer days.  
Blessings, Trisha 

July 18, 2013

Red Crawdad Chimney

Red Crawdad Chimney

   The lower end of our yard is home to a family of red crawdad.  Though they build these chimneys often, this is the biggest one we've came across, being about 7 or 8 inches across, and about 4 inches high.
   These type of crawdad have been in our yard for years, our hunting dogs used to bay them.  We have had a wetter summer than usual and the crawdad are flourishing.  What little creatures are lurking in your backyard?

Have a Blessed day, wherever you are, Trisha

July 04, 2013

Retro Suitcase Makeover

Retro Suitcase Makeover
    I've been wanting to try a suitcase makeover for some time.  For this project, I chose a green vintage suitcase, I used a rectangle  cut from 1/4" plywood to support the bottom, I painted it, and the four wood legs green, I attached the legs and plywood to the bottom of the suitcase, with wood bolts and nuts, I then relined, and lightly padded the inside bottom of the suitcase.  I painted the top with white paint, I used Mod Podge to apply a vintage sewing machine graphic, from  Fairy Graphics, then I applied a clearcoat paint to protect the top. 

Lots of Room for Sewing Notions


   I was pleased with how it turned out.  This retro suitcase makeover made a useful sewing box, with enough room to hold a large amount of sewing notions.   

Have a Blessed Day wherever you are,

June 30, 2013

Old Linen, Crock, Sifter, & Fur

Linen, Crock, Sifter, & Fur

    This is a most unlikely combination of flea market finds.  An old flour sifter, vintage linen, a crock bowl, and a fur collar, but, when I go out junking, I buy what I like even if it doesn't go together.
   The old sifter is from the 1800's, it had belonged to the great grandmother of a sweet little vendor who is probably in her seventies.
   The old crock bowl belonged to the grandmother of another vendor, who is in his sixties, and is getting ready to move to the Phillipines.
   The linen tablecloth is from the 40's or 50's, no kinship associated with that vendor.  The fur collar came in a box of junk, I don't know where it came from, but, it is a good eyecatcher.  It has been great weather for flea marketing this weekend, lots of good deals everywhere.  Hope you've had a great weekend, wherever you are.  Blessings, Trisha

June 26, 2013

From a Footstool to a Sewing Box

Wood Sewing Box Makeover

   I have been busy making lots of things, but, haven't had time to post pictures of them. This little footstool had a flip lid, so was a perfect candidate for a sewing box makeover.  

   I downloaded the vintage sewing machine graphic from Fairy Graphics, and printed directly onto the material. I did this by applying laminating plastic to the back of my material, and a small piece of card stock taped across the top back with the tape covering the edge of the material in the front. This gave the material enough stability to keep from jamming in the printer.  
   I used upholstery trim to cover my seams where I sewed the printed legal page sized piece, to the other pieces of material to make it large enough to cover the top.  I padded the top with quilt batting, and stapled the material to the back side.  I covered the back side with eyelet, folded the edges and lightly stapled.  

   It became a perfect home for vintage sewing notions, and the padded top worked great for a giant pin cushion. 

Have a Blessed Day, wherever you are, Trisha

June 16, 2013

Nippon Hatpin Holders

Nippon Hatpin Holders 
     I found these pretty Nippon Hatpin Holders at a local flea market on Saturday.  The two in the back of the picture are Nippon, the one in front is actually a saltshake, but, will be pretty for smaller hatpins. 
   I don't usually buy Nippon because it is so pricey, but, though these were priced at $25.00 each, and the saltshake was priced at $20.00, the vendor graciously made me a price I couldn't refuse.   
   I don't have any hatpins yet, but, I've always wanted to collect them, now I have something pretty to display them in, when I  find them.

God Bless you on this beautiful Lord's Day,

June 04, 2013

Where Mayapple Grew

Yesterday, I talked with someone from my childhood days,
and, I was reminded of things, I hadn't  thought of in awhile.
It was in the early 1960’s, we lived on a small farm in Rockholds Ky.
We had a cow named Phoebe, and lived a mostly quiet life.
Though we lived within a few hundred feet of a major highway,
the farm stretched for what seemed like miles behind our home.

We played in the big woods behind our house and walked through patches of Mayapple, 
standing like tiny umbrellas across the shaded forest floor.
One day our trek through the woods took us a little farther than we were
used to going.  We were within earshot, and clear sight of a railroad track,
we heard a train coming, and ventured a little closer out of curiosity.

Though we had seen trains when we went to town,
 viewing one up close was something we were not used to. 
 This particular day was eventual in it’s own way.  
We didn’t realize it then, but, we were watching history in the making.

We were a couple of hundred feet from the railroad track, 
and watched as the train slowly traveled the long stretch of rail.  
Our eyes widened when we saw the train cars loaded with missiles, 
with armed soldiers, standing along side them.  
We watched for awhile, not knowing exactly what this was about, 
but, decided we should run back to the house and tell mom about it.
We later found out about the Cuban Missile Crisis, then about a year later 
                                     our beloved President, John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
                                            On that warm and quiet day beyond the big woods
                                             where Mayapple grew, we watched history unfold.

May 11, 2013

2nd. Annual US 25 Yard Sale

2nd.  Annual US 25 Yard Sale
   A new yard sale route to run, or to set up on, is coming up, June 6th. thru 8th.  I usually have to drive a hundred miles or more to run one of these big yard sales.  

   Not this time, this one is within 2 mile of my home.  They had this sale last year in August , but, it wasn't highly advertised, so there wasn't a lot of local participation.  This year looks to be different.  I'm seeing more local tourism groups getting involved trying to get the event advertised.

The Sale will run thru Kentucky along US Hwy.  25.
For more information, search Google, or on Facebook search - 'US 25 Yard Sale'  

I am posting this early to give you something to think about.  If you don't have other plans, check it out.  I hope to, weather permitting and Lord willing, Trisha

This particular flyer reads:

2nd Annual
US 25
(Dixie Highway)
through the entire state of
June 6-June 8, 2013
U.S. 25.

May 09, 2013

If You Can't Sell it, Whitewash it

Whitewashed Baskets


   Seems like everytime I buy box deals at auctions, I end up with a lot of baskets.  These are some that I had in my booth that wouldn't sell, even for a dollar each.  Well I don't like to throw things away so I decided to try something different with them.

   I used white acrylic paint, thinned with water, then whitewashed them with a paint brush. Before they dried, I applied printed graphics from 'Fairy Graphics', let dry, and sprayed with a clear paint; after that dried I brushed on a clear acrylic finish to protect the graphics.
   I was on a roll with the whitewashing, so I whitewashed an old bottle crate and applied a bicycle graphic to it.  Whitewashing is not new to most of you, but, it was an adventure for me.  Now I will be looking for new things to whitewash.
Whitewash and Graphics

Hope you are having a Blessed day in your neck of the woods,

April 25, 2013

God is our Refuge and Strength

When I made our morning coffee, I looked out my kitchen window 
and saw the fog rising across the fields, the sun coming up;
 and I felt in awe of His majesty. 
 What beauty God gives us, what glory and peace within. 

This is one of my favorite Psalms;  no doubt many of yours as well:

Psalm 46

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, 
and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea:  

Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, 
though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof.
There is a river, 
the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God,
the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High.
God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved:

God shall help her, and that right early.
The heathen raged, and the kingdoms were moved:
He uttered His voice, the earth melted.
The Lord of hosts is with us;
the God of Jocob is our refuge.   Selah.

Come, behold the works of the Lord, 
what desolations he hath made in the earth.
He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; 
He breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder;
He burneth the chariot in the fire.

Be still, and know that I am God:  
I will be exalted among the heathen,
I will be exalted in the earth.
The Lord of hosts is with us;
The God of Jocob is our refuge.

April 22, 2013

New Life for Old Tapestry, Crock Pads

Crock Pads

   We've been collecting crocks for a long time, and have always had problems with them getting bumped or scooted, and scratching the hardwood floors.
   I've been trying to think of a way to remedy this.  I was going to cut up throw rugs, and make pads, but, most of them were too thick.
   Today I thought about an old tapestry I purchased a few months back.  It was woven tightly and worked very well.
   I simply cut circles, various sizes for different crocks, and ironed them out.
   What a relief, no more scratches on the floor, when someone bumps into a crock.  I planned to sew edging around the outer edge, but, it was woven so tightly, I didn't have to.  No rocket science with this project, but, these little crock pads will serve a good purpose.

Have a Blessed Day,

April 14, 2013

My Soul Desires the Firstripe Fruit

Woe is me, for I am as when they have gathered the summer fruits, 
as the grapegleanings of the vintage:  there is no cluster to eat: 
 my soul desired the firstripe fruit. 
Micah  7 :1

   After church today, this verse kept coming to me.  
I think I know why.  We have churches all around us,
 but, don't feel God's presence in them.  
We long for the presence of God.  
That's one reason we go to church. 
 Our souls desire the firstripe fruit.

   We did feel God's presence in church this morning,
 and had a good time in fellowship afterward;
 but, we had to drive many miles into another county to do so.

   Last week the Pastor asked my husband,
 "After we're gone, do you think the younger men will pick up the reigns
 and keep the church going right?" 
 My husband said, "They will pick up the reigns,
 but, I'm afraid they might not go right, they might pull to the left."  

   I've posted before, if you are in a good Spiritual church, 
please guard it with all your heart, and fervent prayer.  
How quickly the world moves in, and moves God out of the services.  
We've seen this happen in most of the churches near us.  
Good people got caught up in politics, sports, movies, and worldly things,
and lost sight of the great commission. 

God is real, Jesus Christ is real, The Holy Ghost is real.
When we get saved, they set up their abode in our hearts.
At the end of our days, they will receive us into glory. 
Until then, my soul desires the firstripe fruit.   

Have a Blessed Day,

April 12, 2013

Metal Chair, and TV Tray Stand, Makeover

Old Metal Chair Makeover 

  Today, I madeover this old white metal chair.
I first painted it a dark blue, using metal paint.
  Then I dry brushed it with white paint, 
and sealed it with a clear  finish. 

Printed Graphics Chair Seat

I printed my fabric for the seat with  
JO Draper & Co. graphics, 
I downloaded from ' Fairy Graphics.'

Towel Stand Made from TV Tray Holder

I removed the slotted sides, 
that held the tv trays
and used them for the feet.  
I used the feet for the towel bars. 

I dry brushed white over the base coat,
 and added the J O Draper graphics 
to the towel bar sections.  
I cut those graphics apart.  

After everything was dried, 
I put on a clear topcoat  to protect it.

It is hard to see the graphics it this picture,
 but, they turned out nicely.

Have a Blessed Day,

April 11, 2013

Newcomb Vintage School Record Player

Newcomb Vintage School Record Player

   At the flea market Tuesday, I found this nice old record player that was commonly used in schools around the country when I was growing up.  It still plays great, and the sound is awesome.  With it was a 45 of  'Old Time Preacher Man' sung by Gospel Harmony.

   I've had many old record players in the past, but, this one by far has the best sound.  I'm thinking about painting it either aqua or Robin's egg blue.  I know I will enjoy my trip down memory lane with it.

Hope you have a Blessed day, Trisha

April 06, 2013

Vintage Train Case and Bob Pins

1950's Train Case

  I found this old black patent leather, polka dot train case today at a local flea market.  It is in pretty much pristine condition.  When I asked the price, I expected about $15 or $20 dollars; but, the lady said $5.  Wow, was I excited.  A beautiful day, good finds; yes, God is good.  
And a  25 cent pack of Bob Pins

   I found another little treasure at the same market, a pack of vintage Bob Pins, the original price in the 1950's was 25 cents.  When I asked the price of them, I had to laugh, because the man said 50 cents, then he wanted to give me back a quarter because the original price had been 25 cents.  Of course, I didn't take it.
   This has been the nicest day we've had this Spring, and everyone seemed so happy to be out of the house.  I found lots of great buys, and had such a good time.  Hope you have had a Blessed day where ever you are.


March 31, 2013

Portrait in Words

 Thanks to my daughter's post  on pinterest, I found a website that allows you to do your portrait in words. 

   For my portrait, I chose the 23rd.  Psalm.  
   One of my favorites.  
You can write your own words as well.

   The website is:
   It is a free website.

This would be sweet to do
with children and grandchildren,

and weddings and anniversaries.

Blessings Everyone,

Blessed Ressurection Sunday

   When we got to the little country church in McCreary county this morning, 
we met one young preacher leaving, 
and following behind him was the pastor and his wife.  
They had called church off because most of the congregation was sick. 

We had driven several miles and wanted to attend church,
so we stopped at another church on the way home.
This little country church sits on top of a large hill,
partialy secluded from a busy highway.

It had been many years since we had attended that church.
Things were much the same, and we felt so much at home.
What a joy it was when they called for 'Altar Prayer', since so many 
of our churches around here don't feel a need to pray at the altar, anymore.

After the prayer, we had beautiful heartfelt singing by a couple of ladies, there.
The Holy Ghost moved from breast to breast, like in the days of old.
Some will question what I am saying, because they have never felt the Holy Ghost.
All I can say is, " it's better felt, than told."  Old time singing, old time preaching. 

What a Blessing to know that God still has His people throughout the world.
I am honored and humbled that God visited us on this ' Ressurection Sunday.'   

March 13, 2013

Snow Drops

Snow Drops
   This morning I listened to a local radio program called Tri-County Spotlite.  It is a buy, sale, trade, or give away program.  I love to listen to the show, not only because of the good buys that come on from time to time, but, because I know so many of the callers.
   You never know what is going to be advertised, goats, chickens, hogs, homemade quilts, honey, homemade butter, fresh eggs, or just about anything else you might think of.
   This morning one of the regular callers called in to advertise her quilt tops; this lady has a long Southern Draw with a Cincinnati Slang, and in her very distinguishing voice, she told the host that she saw some Snow Drops outside before she called in.  It was snowing here, and I took a picture of what should be Snow Flakes, but, sure enough they looked a lot like Snow Drops to me, too.

   Think it's time,' I get a life?'
Blessings Wherever You Are, Trisha

February 25, 2013

Harlem Shake, No Place in Our Churches

Call me old school, but. I don't think the dance, 
the 'Harlem Shake', belongs in our churches.  
Churches are supposed to be a place to worship,
Holy and undefiled.

When I first saw the dance on TV, I thought how inappropriate it was,
when I learned that some uptown churches are doing it,
I was appalled.  Surely, I'm not the only one offended
by churches doing a dance like this. 

Last week I read in a local newspaper that a local church 
was teaching ballroom dancing, and the first dance would be, 'The Hustle'
I was saddened by that, as well.

The Bible speaks of a great falling away, and a great famine in the land, 
not for food, or water, but, for hearing the word of God.
God be with us, during these trying times. 

I am thankful that there are some churches 
that have not been hijacked by of the ways of the world.

Blessings, wherever you are, Trisha.

February 07, 2013

Candles in a Glass for Valentine's Day

Candles in a Glass for Valentine's Day

 I've been making candles in glasses
 I used stemmed glasses & one teacup
I melted white candle wax
& dipped tapers to add color

 I tied ribbons & beads to the bases
& attached Paris tags to each one

 I made white candles in glasses
 last week and took them to the booth

They sold quickly, so, I thought 
I would make some with a little color 
 for Valentine's Day.

  Hope you have a Blessed day, wherever you are.
       Be safe, be happy, and keep looking up. 


January 23, 2013

Sewing on my Old Treadle Sewing Machine

Sewing on a Treadle Machine 
   Another cold January day;
a perfect time to do some sewing
on my old Singer Sewing Machine.  
This old treadle sewing machine
really takes me back. 
I learned to sew on one just like this.
 I never have any trouble with it,
stitches & tension are always good. 
  Today I made Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Cornmeal, & Tea Sacks. 
   I wanted to use material bigger than a sheet of paper, so, I couldn't print directly onto the material.  I ironed the material, & cut laminating plastic, peeled off the back & adhered to the back side of material, making sure it was flattened down good.  I layed a  sheet of paper on top of material & cut around it with sissors.  My printer is set to print face down, so I placed the material down with the laminating plastic side up.  I printed at least three labels on each piece of material.  It printed great.  I sprayed the labels with Scotchgard Fabric Protector, pealed off the plastic & let material dry.  Then I layed material, print down on my ironing board & ironed on Thermo Web Heat Bond to the back, after it cooled, I pealed off the paper & cut out my labels, then ironed them onto my sacks.  They turnd out pretty good.  Hope you find something you love to do on this cold January day. 
Blessings, Trisha 

January 18, 2013

Underneath the Frost is Green

Underneath the Frost is Green
   Frost blanketed the fields
 behind our house this morning; 
though our thermometer read 30 degrees,
it felt much colder.  
The sun came up only a short while ago, 
and is already melting the frost away.  
When I poured my coffee, 
I looked out and saw everything frosted over, and thought how warm the sun felt,
 shining through my kitchen window;  
and how underneath the frost was green, 
and how soon this Kentucky sunrise 
will usher in Spring.
Then I am reminded, to everything,
there is a season. 

                                                                                        Have a Blessed Day!  

January 16, 2013

Just Another Kentucky Peddler

    Do you love a good junk sale?    I do.
 I took this load to the booth, back in the summer.
To tell you the truth.
  It was a lot more fun getting out and finding it,
than it was selling it.
The best part was; I got to keep my favorite things.

Fun Being a Kentucky Peddler

Now it's January, it's cold and snowy;
 but, somewhere I just know that yard sales are blooming.
So I am smiling!

Have a Blessed Day,

January 06, 2013

There is Hope for Fallen Man

Watching the news this past month has prompted me to write a poem:

There is Hope for Fallen Man

Has the world gone mad while we were sleeping?
So much violence, so much crime.
Darkness lurks in the eyes of some
like evil waiting to be born.

We know things can be better.
There is hope for fallen man.
Jesus Christ is still within reach.
If we purge our hearts, and take His hand.

Somewhere, flowers bloom, and angels sing.
And The Father sits on His throne.
While deep in our hearts, sin grows and festers,
holding us captive and far from Home.

Let not this story end this way,
if it be so, with us this day.
The final chapter of our lives,
is one in which, we'll want a say.  

Hope you have a wonderful day, Trisha