December 03, 2013

A Winter Walk and Mountain Tea

Wild Mountain Tea

   Today was such a beautiful December day, we took a walk down to the lake behind our house.  The smell of the woods and the trickle of the creek that ran along side the old wagon road took our thoughts back to childhood days.  We walked, talked, reminisced, and smiled.
   The photo on the right is 'Wild Mountain Tea' one of our favorite things to look for in the woods when we were kids, it tastes like Teaberry chewing gum.

Cliff on the Ridgetop by the Old Wagon Road

  We meandored around this cliff and
down to what people around here call the  'Stick-ups' where, when the lake was built 35 years ago, the water backed up over the standing timber.
   There had been a lot of Beaver down there, that had cut several large trees trying unsuccessfully to dam up the back waters of the lake.

    Pine needles had fallen from tall Pines alongside the old road and draped the branches of Ivy Bushes.  I told my husband." Look, it looks like they are decorated for Christmas.  It looked like they had been hung on the branches like the silver icicles once used on Christmas trees.  We had a wonderful day.

Hope you have had a beautiful and Blessed day, wherever you are, Trisha


  1. It was a nice day here too. I did a little outdoor decorating.... Your walk along the woods sounds nice... Nature has a way of drawing us in.....Love looking over God's creation. Blessings!

  2. Sounds like a lovely stroll. Afraid I don't know what Teaberry Gum tastes like!

  3. I love that you know how tea grows and what to pick! I wouldn't have a clue! What a nice way to spend time in your day. I hope your Christmas is wonderful!