November 24, 2013

Still Painting it White

White Stick Trees

    I'm still painting everything white, but, now I call it Christmas White.  I used firewood cut up for tree stumps and cuttings from our Persimmon tree for the tops.  I painted them white and sprinkled them with clear glitter.

Painted Christmas Tree & Greenery

   I had this little green tree and centerpiece, I normally would use flocking or spray snow on them, but, didn't want to make a trip into town to get any, so, I used white paint and a brush and painted them too.  Before the paint dryed, I sprinkled them with clear glitter.          

So far I haven't gotten any paint on this little guy. I would want to have a black and white speckled cat.

Hope you are having a good and Blessed day, wherever you are, Trisha   


  1. I love the white and always do such creative things. I think I would leave your little black beauty just the way he a great Thanksgiving. Blessings!

  2. How do you think of what to do? I watch someone like you be creative and then copy it but can't think of it on my own. Love your cat! Wish I had one too!

  3. Run little kitty before you get painted LOL!! I love your "Trees"


  4. Very Christmassy. Glad you did not paint the little guy!