November 26, 2012

Handcrafted Christmas Tags

Handcrafted Christmas Tags

   I've been busy making lots
of things for the booth,
I made these tags last night. 
They actually look like vintage tags,
that have aged over the years. 

   I purchased precut tags, sold in craft stores, 
downloaded and printed vintage designs,
lightly glued cutout designs to tags,
stained using different colors,
and added jute twine for the ties. 

Homespun Yesteryear Tags

November 23, 2012

Vintage Christmas Cards

Vintage Christmas Cards by Artistic Company U.S.A.
probably from the '40's-'50's

   I found these old vintage Christmas cards today  at the Vendors Mall.  They have so much charm.  I love the yellowed paper and warm sentiments.  

May He who placed
the Star Above,
Send you the Blessings
 of His love.

"The Blessing of the Lord be upon you."
  Psalm 129:8
Vintage Cards Printed on Backs

Have a Blessed Day!

November 21, 2012

A Blessed Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.
Blessings, Trisha

November 13, 2012

Minature Christmas Trees

Minature Christmas Trees
   I've been busy making minature trees for the booth. 
I call them Charlie Brown Christmas trees. 
They have been going fast. 
 I am only charging $2.00 each for them,
 so the children can have their own trees.  
 I've also been busy making centerpieces,
wreaths, Christmas aprons, and other things. 
   I've had so many craft supplies in the kitchen,
that I decided to empty one of the largest tree boxes,
 to store the craft supplies in while I was working,
I used the flaps for dividers.  That is working very well.
 Christmas is my favorite holiday,
a Blessed time of year.
  For anyone that might want to make minature trees,       
you only need a saw, small round tree limbs to cut for the tree trunks,
a drill to drill a hole into each trunk,
and branches from an artificial tree. 
Insert the branch into the hole and spread
to resemble a 'Charlie Brown Christmas tree'. 
Wishing you the Blessings of Christmas wherever you are.

November 09, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas Caroling

Christmas Caroling Sets
   I've been pretty busy making more things for the booth.  I made these Christmas Caroling Collars & Bonnets, a couple of days ago and included a brass bell & songbook with each set.  I also made some Christmas aprons. 
   The weather has been colder than normal this year and I've been seeing that some are decorating for Christmas early.
   I thought I would make some Charlie Brown Christmas trees this afternoon.  That's something I think the children will enjoy.  Hope you are having a Blessed day wherever you are.

November 02, 2012

Homespun Christmas

Homespun Christmas
   I have been busy making Christmas items for my booth.  Wreaths, trees, card holders, tree skirts, and the like.  Seems like more people are shopping early this year.  I do my crafting in the kitchen because the lighting is much better.

   I just get one project finished and take a load to the booth, and get everything cleaned up, then the next day I start another project. 

   I would love to do my work in the garage and not wreck my kitchen so often, but, I just can't see to sew, glue, or paint out there.
   Sometimes I feel sorry for my husband who never says anything, except, "You've sure got a lot of stuff."  I had company a couple of weeks ago and they stepped into the kitchen and looked at the stacks of wreaths in the floor, loads of ribbon, picks, ornaments, pinecones and greenery, all they said was, "Oh my goodness!"  Like my husband says, sometimes it is overwhelming.  Sure wouldn't want to put a picture up of what the kitchen looks like before I finish a project.  I cleaned the kitchen up yesterday, but, I really need to get started making more things tonight.  I love crafting, even if I have to do it in the kitchen; at least I am near the coffeepot and the refrigerator.  Hope you have a happy 'Homespun Christmas' this year.
Blessings, Trisha

November 01, 2012

Dishpan Cat

   This is our dishpan cat.  His name is Shep.  When the weather turns cold outside, we let him sleep in the garage.  He has his own box to sleep in, but, has found a new place to sleep in the dishpan on top of the old wood cookstove.  
Shep the Dishpan Cat
   Sometimes he is hard to find. he likes to climb up onto the top shelves and sleep between things we have stored there.  He is the best cat, we have ever had.  He never bothers anything, he just wants to be loved.  We thank God for our little dishpan cat.  Blessings, Trisha