August 31, 2013

Old Butter Churn & Memories of the Good Ole Days

5  Gallon Butter Churn
    We found this old 5 gallon butter churn 
                   at a yard sale today.  This one is a keeper. 
 Sure takes me back to childhood days 
when some days we had so much milk, 
mom and us girls would all churn at the same time. 
 One of us would use a churn like this one, 
one would use an old crank paddle churn, 
and the others would poor milk in gallon jars, 
and shake them on their knees.  

Those were the days when so many families, 
including ours, raised most of our food, 
we raised a garden, chickens, hogs, and a cow.  

   Can't help but think we'd be a lot healthier
 if we raised all our food today, 
 just like in the good ole days.  

                       Blessings wherever you are, Trisha

August 19, 2013

Baby Hawk

Baby Hawk in the Distance


   This morning I had a pleasant surprise, the hawks that have been guarding their nest in the trees you see in the far distant middle of the picture, have hatched their baby, I'm not sure how old it is, but, this is the first time it has been near us.  We've been watching them for many weeks and listening to their piercing calls.  The parents are very large and don't come near the house.  This little guy wasn't a bit shy about being photographed.  I caught a glimpse of him as I came around the corner of the house sitting on the hay fluffer.

Even the Hawk Knows it's Lot in Life
   I followed the baby hawk a little ways out the road and stood under the powerline and took it's picture.  It wasn't the least bit afraid of me.  When I looked up at it, I stood in awe of the beauty of God's creation, for even a baby hawk seems to know it's lot in life, for it seemed to take command of the sky on it's first flight out of the nest.

   Hope you have a Blessed day wherever you are, Trisha