September 19, 2013

Blessed with a Second Crop

Blessed be the name of the Lord

   A few posts back I wrote of planting 
a second crop in our garden.  
Today I want to give God the glory 
for Blessing it. 
    Just look how pretty the sunflowers are,
 the mustard greens in the background 
are lush and tender, as well as the lettuce,
 the turnips are growing faster 
than I can remember in past gardens,
we have lots of little cucumbers setting on,
 the dill is almost ready,
 and the Pink Half Runner beans 
should be ready in about a week.
Miniature gourds are climbing tomato cages and sunflowers
          and marigolds are starting to bloom.  
      Thanking God for Blessing our second crop.  

We are still enjoying the first crop in our garden, 
             and now God had done it again. 
Latter rains, plenty of sunshine, and cooler temperatures. 
 Hope you are Blessed, wherever you are, Trisha

September 17, 2013

Paint it Black, Grey & White

Black, Grey, & White

   This week I've been playing around with the paintbrush again.  Pretty much, if  it was sitting around in the garage, it got sprayed with a coat of black paint, and then dry brushed with a grey and white.
   Glad our cat wasn't hanging around in the garage, he might have looked more like a skunk, than a cat.
Serving Tray Makeover

French Country Shelf

Wood Crate, Urn, Hat, & Frames

   I sprayed this large serving tray with black, dry brushed it with grey & white, let dry, and mod podged it with downloaded graphics from Fairy Graphics.  This would be great for a sewing room.

   I sprayed this shelf with black paint, dry brushed it with grey & white, then mod podged it with graphics, from Fairy Graphics.                

  I told you, whatever I found sitting around in the garage got painted.  So the crate, the urn, the hat, and the frames, didn't escape the bristles of my brush.  Ahh!  I did have fun.  Hope you are having fun, and are Blessed this beautiful day, Trisha