September 17, 2013

Paint it Black, Grey & White

Black, Grey, & White

   This week I've been playing around with the paintbrush again.  Pretty much, if  it was sitting around in the garage, it got sprayed with a coat of black paint, and then dry brushed with a grey and white.
   Glad our cat wasn't hanging around in the garage, he might have looked more like a skunk, than a cat.
Serving Tray Makeover

French Country Shelf

Wood Crate, Urn, Hat, & Frames

   I sprayed this large serving tray with black, dry brushed it with grey & white, let dry, and mod podged it with downloaded graphics from Fairy Graphics.  This would be great for a sewing room.

   I sprayed this shelf with black paint, dry brushed it with grey & white, then mod podged it with graphics, from Fairy Graphics.                

  I told you, whatever I found sitting around in the garage got painted.  So the crate, the urn, the hat, and the frames, didn't escape the bristles of my brush.  Ahh!  I did have fun.  Hope you are having fun, and are Blessed this beautiful day, Trisha

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  1. You are so creative! I can't wait to do projects like this once I get moved it. There is so much one can do with a little paint and ideas.