April 12, 2013

Metal Chair, and TV Tray Stand, Makeover

Old Metal Chair Makeover 

  Today, I madeover this old white metal chair.
I first painted it a dark blue, using metal paint.
  Then I dry brushed it with white paint, 
and sealed it with a clear  finish. 

Printed Graphics Chair Seat

I printed my fabric for the seat with  
JO Draper & Co. graphics, 
I downloaded from ' Fairy Graphics.'

Towel Stand Made from TV Tray Holder

I removed the slotted sides, 
that held the tv trays
and used them for the feet.  
I used the feet for the towel bars. 

I dry brushed white over the base coat,
 and added the J O Draper graphics 
to the towel bar sections.  
I cut those graphics apart.  

After everything was dried, 
I put on a clear topcoat  to protect it.

It is hard to see the graphics it this picture,
 but, they turned out nicely.

Have a Blessed Day,


  1. Great job Trisha. I love the chair seat, the graphic and the anglaise trim. I've never seen this particular graphic and I am an ardent fan of The Graphics Fairy. I must go and search for it. Great job turning that tray holder into a towel stand:)

    Have a super weekend!

  2. Yeah! I love what you did here and your creative use of a Graphics Fairy image. Awesome job Trish.

  3. Very lovely! Clever upcycling of the tray holder too!

  4. Clever and what a good idea.