April 06, 2013

Vintage Train Case and Bob Pins

1950's Train Case

  I found this old black patent leather, polka dot train case today at a local flea market.  It is in pretty much pristine condition.  When I asked the price, I expected about $15 or $20 dollars; but, the lady said $5.  Wow, was I excited.  A beautiful day, good finds; yes, God is good.  
And a  25 cent pack of Bob Pins

   I found another little treasure at the same market, a pack of vintage Bob Pins, the original price in the 1950's was 25 cents.  When I asked the price of them, I had to laugh, because the man said 50 cents, then he wanted to give me back a quarter because the original price had been 25 cents.  Of course, I didn't take it.
   This has been the nicest day we've had this Spring, and everyone seemed so happy to be out of the house.  I found lots of great buys, and had such a good time.  Hope you have had a Blessed day where ever you are.



  1. Oh,I love that train case, I love polka dots. So glad the weather is getting enjoyable again!


  2. What lovely finds! So stylish!