January 08, 2011

Beautiful Places in Kentucky

Dog Slaughter Falls

     If you are visiting Cumberland Falls in Southeast Kentucky, you might also like to trail off the beaten path to a lesser known spot.  Dog Slaughter Falls is off Hwy. 90, and if you come from I-75 then you will come past the entrance to it.
   The road leading to it  is on the right, shortly after turning onto Hwy. 90, several mile down that road is a hiking trail on the left, the trail goes across a wooden bridge and several mile through the secluded forest to Dog Slaughter Falls.  
    It is beautiful country.  Be sure to take a walking stick, some parts of the trail are steep.  Also, watch out for copperheads; we've seen a few down there. 
Many Blessings.  

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  1. It is a beautiful place and the water is so cool!