January 27, 2011

Decorating With Old Jewelry

Dime Store Jewelry

   I love old jewelry, not the expensive kind, just old dime store jewelry.  My little sister and I bought the  large orange earrings in the picture for my mom when we were kids; we saved our pennies, and took them to one of our local dime stores, and had enough to buy her two pair. 
   I rarely wear a piece of jewelry myself, with the exception of my wedding band; but I love to hang old necklaces over my dresser mirror, and drape them over pictures of our daughter, and display old earrings, pins, and bracelets in small jewelry boxes.   
   I'm still looking for pop beads from the '50's.  I've been looking for years at antique stores, but haven't found any yet. 
   I find a lot of old jewelry at yard sales and
flea markets, as well.  Have a great day.
   Many Blessings.  


  1. Beautiful finds! I love the orange earrings and they will hold precious memories also!


  2. One of the boothes at the flea Market in London has a large framed Christmas tree made out of vintage jewelry. It is beautiful. I love jewelry of any kind. I differ from you...I love to wear it. I have several older pieces that I love. Blessings.