January 20, 2011

Twins, Grace and Bertha around 1916

Twin Sisters, One Left Behind

  This is my mom Grace and her twin sister Bertha.  Mom is the one on the left with the bandage on her leg.  Mom had hurt her leg and didn't want her picture taken.  
   Though they were twins, mom always said, that Bertha tried to take care of her.  She said once she had gotten into a bean kettle and had gotten them all over her face, and little Bertha came with a wash cloth and said, "Grace, let me clean you up, you look like a little pig," and she washed mom's face. 
   Little Bertha only lived to be four years old, dying in the winter of 1918.  My mom spoke of her often, and always with love.  Mom lived until 1991, another 73 years without her twin.  I can only imagine the reunion they had, when mom got to Heaven.  It's a wonderful thing to know we will see our loved ones again.

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