January 01, 2011

Raised in the Country

Life in Kentucky in the 1950's


   We grew up in Southern Kentucky in a time when no one wasted anything.  Mom and Dad had lived through the Depression Era and raised a big family. 
   Mom even cooked the chicken feet in our dumplings, she said it made them richer.
   Dad did a lot of huntin' so we had plenty of squirrel and rabbit to eat.  We raised our own chickens, grew a garden, and picked every kind of berry there was.
   We picked wild plums, grapes and muscadines and Mom made jelly.  And just because we were kids that didn't excuse us from our part of the work.
   When were too little to do the canning, we still had to wash the jars.  We had to stir the lye soap while it was cooking, gather the eggs, watch out for chicken hawks and such as that. 
   But, somehow we still had time to play most of the day.  God Blessed us real good! 

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