January 07, 2011

An Eastern Bluebird, and a Light Snow Falling, Makes my Heart Smile!

This Eastern Bluebird, just stopped by. 

     Another snowy day in Southeast Kentucky is brightened by an unexpected visitor. 
   This morning a light snow is falling and all is quiet around our old Kentucky homeplace.
   We've had Redbirds and Sparrows eating birdseed in the backyard, but, this beautiful bluebird chose to perch on the birdhouse covered with snow.
   My husband built this birdhouse many years ago, and it is a favorite of the Eastern Bluebirds.  We often have two crops of Bluebirds a year in it.  
   Hope you are enjoying the view in your backyard this beautiful day.


  1. I love it! What a beautiful picture you captured, which will make a beautiful memory!