January 30, 2011

Wild Turkey on our way to Church

Wild Turkey

   On our way to church this beautiful Sabbath morning, we had to stop on HWY 90, and let 4 gobbler turkey cross the road.  My camera was in the backseat, and by the time I got it, they had already crossed into woods.
   Our little mountain church was warm, and alive with the Spirit of God this morning.  Sunday School was good, and our church service came alive when the Spirit of the Lord came.  The singing was good, and the preaching anointed.  The morning sun warmed our faces, and the Only Begotten Son warmed our hearts.  What more could anyone ask for?

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  1. We see wild turkey picking on the side of the road quite often around here. My husband preached two great messages today. The Lord really spoke to my heart. Blessings!