February 01, 2011

Old Premiums from Rosebud Salve

Vintage Prints, premiums from Rosebud Salve

 In an earlier post I wrote about my friend Bertie Mae.  Bertie Mae gave these prints to me several years ago.  She told me they had belonged to her Mammy and Big Daddy, that is her grandmother and grandfather.  She said Mammy had gotten them as premiums with Rosebud Salve.  She said they came rolled up in a cardboard cylinder and the Rosebud Salve was placed in the ends of the cylinder.  I remember Rosebud Salve from when I was a child, it was a common household item.  I was happy to find out the company is still in business.  I love to see good products stand the test of time.  I also remember when oatmeal came with dishes, wash powder came with towels, and cereal came with prizes.  We got many useful items free, with the purchase of everyday items.  Not too much free out there today.  But, it's been nice to reminisce.  
Have a good and Godly day.

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  1. I remember those days too. Fireking was a regular in oatmeal. Now it is a collectors item. Again thanks for the memories. Blessings!