February 19, 2011

Planning a Spring Garden

Garden Seed
   The sun is shinning, the warm breeze blowing, and I'm anxious to get our Spring garden planted. 
   I planned ahead and ordered Arp Rosemary and Sharon Roberts Lavendar from Nichol's Garden Nursery.  They survive Kentucky winters very well.  I also ordered Red Sails Lettuce, it last long into the summer, and I love the pretty color. 
   I have purchased some things locally: Windmill Farms gladiolus, packaged seeds from NK Lawn & Garden, American Seed, Weeks Seed Co., Bently Seeds, and my trusted Jung Seed Co. We are blessed with many garden centers and nurseries near us, so I can usually find most anyting I am looking for there.  God blessed us with a beautiful garden and flowers last year, and if it be His will; we will have another beautiful garden and flowers this year.  May God Bless You is our prayer.  Happy Spring Planting.

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  1. happy Planting and God's goodness shine down on each seed. Blessings and I cannot wait to see how everything grows!