February 06, 2011

Raising Our Daughter on the Farm

Cheering for the Chickens

   One thing I am thankful for is that we got to raise our daughter on a farm.  She was always outdoors riding her bike or pulling her wagon on pretty days.  She had her cats, a dog, her daddy's coon dogs, and chickens to keep her company. 
   We taught her how to raise a garden, strip tobacco, feed cattle and chickens, and everything else that went along with farm life.
   She loved every minute of it.  She loved to hunt and fish, as well.  She's not a farm girl now, but she got a good dose of it growing up.  I took her picture cheering for the chickens one bright sunny day. 
   Just reminiscing this Sunday evening.  Have a Blessed day.


  1. Even though there is much work to be done on a farm, it gives back so much more in experiences that mold and shape you. It builds character!

    I love being a country girl!

  2. What a blessing! It does not matter how far from the farm she may be, I am sure she will never forget her life and all she experienced. Blessings!