February 16, 2011

Real Live Country Woman


   This is a portrait of a Real Live Country Woman.  We call her Boots.  She was raised in the mountains of McCreary County Kentucky.  Boots is one of the most unique ladies I have ever met.  She is nearly eighty years old and still holds full time job, and is an avid rabbit hunter.  Boots has had a very hard life, but never lets it get her down.  
   She has a passion for basketball, especially when her Kentucky Wildcats are playing.  Her greatest passion may well be her love of rabbit hunting.  She hunts the clearcuts near her home, with her beloved beagles.  Some of her beagles have Christmas names, like Holly and Noel, then there is Dazzle, Red Cloud, and Fireball.  She loves her dogs.  When season is out she gets up very early and takes them out before she goes to work just for exercise, even though she can't take a rabbit.  Now that's love.  
   I say hats off to all women with that much grit.  Boots is an inspiration to all around her.

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