February 27, 2011

Daffodils, Spring Frogs, and a Mountain Sabbath

Spring Daffodils Bloomed Today

   This beautiful Kentucky mountain Sabbath started with a trip to the old country church in McCreary county.  Clouds were scattered but there were hints of sunshine.  We had a wonderful service as usual and were glad we made the long trip.  Along the roadside we saw daffodils blooming and heard spring frogs hollering.  What blessed and long awaited events; it brought smiles to our hearts.  The old mountain preacher told of visiting a man in the hospital a few days ago that was thanking God for having a heart attack; let me explain.  The man was a good moral man, but had never been saved.  When he had the heart attack, he had an out of body experience as some might call it.  I call it a vision from God.  God showed him such a beautiful place, that the man told the old preacher he couldn't even find words to describe it.  Then the man saw that they were bringing him back to, and he asked God why are you sending me back.  God let him know he had some things to take care of in his life; I don't know everything he meant but, I know that God wants us to repent of our sins and live our lives pleasing to Him.  Not everyone gets a glimpse into Heaven, and I thank God for those who do.  When we returned home the daffodils along our roadside were bloomed, the clouds gathered and rain began to fall, all the while bright rays of sunshine peered through the clouds and formed a beautiful rainbow.  Yet another Blessed mountain Sabbath.

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