February 25, 2013

Harlem Shake, No Place in Our Churches

Call me old school, but. I don't think the dance, 
the 'Harlem Shake', belongs in our churches.  
Churches are supposed to be a place to worship,
Holy and undefiled.

When I first saw the dance on TV, I thought how inappropriate it was,
when I learned that some uptown churches are doing it,
I was appalled.  Surely, I'm not the only one offended
by churches doing a dance like this. 

Last week I read in a local newspaper that a local church 
was teaching ballroom dancing, and the first dance would be, 'The Hustle'
I was saddened by that, as well.

The Bible speaks of a great falling away, and a great famine in the land, 
not for food, or water, but, for hearing the word of God.
God be with us, during these trying times. 

I am thankful that there are some churches 
that have not been hijacked by of the ways of the world.

Blessings, wherever you are, Trisha.

February 07, 2013

Candles in a Glass for Valentine's Day

Candles in a Glass for Valentine's Day

 I've been making candles in glasses
 I used stemmed glasses & one teacup
I melted white candle wax
& dipped tapers to add color

 I tied ribbons & beads to the bases
& attached Paris tags to each one

 I made white candles in glasses
 last week and took them to the booth

They sold quickly, so, I thought 
I would make some with a little color 
 for Valentine's Day.

  Hope you have a Blessed day, wherever you are.
       Be safe, be happy, and keep looking up.