November 11, 2010

Meet Mortimer Snerd.

This is our latest yard sale find.  This ventriloquest doll is Mortimer Snerd, from Juro Novelty Co. 1969.  We bought him thinking our daughter might use him working with the children at church.  She says that our grandson may also be interested in this ventriloquist doll.  That would be great, he could have a lot of fun with it.  We looked online and saw many ventriloquest sites, some even have videos and books teaching the art of throwing one's voice.  Timothy, your Papaw thinks Mortimer is a fine dresser, what do you think? This ventriloquest doll is not particularily valuable, sells new for less than sixty dollars, some however are quite valuable, and collectible.  We had another beautiful day today and we thank God for it.

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