November 11, 2010

Farm Life, Beauty in all it's Simplicity.

Living on a farm is one of God's richest blessings.  We were blessed to have raised our daughter on a farm where she could run, play, ride her bike, have pets, enjoy nature and learn how to work a farm.  She's pictured her; so very much a little lady, yet she learned how to grow a garden, clean out barn stalls, strip tobacco, and how to feed cattle.  She hauled her cat in her wagon, and her little dog trailed behind her wherever she went.  She learned to fish and shoot a gun, and did them well.  She learned compassion from caring for birds that had fallen from nests, to feeding a baby fox that had been left behind by it's mother when dad's hunting dogs spooked them.  Farm life is beauty, in all it's simplicity.  And we thank God for it.

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