November 12, 2010

A Beautiful Day in November and a Long Walk Thru the Woods

    The morning broke with fog rising over the hollow and soft rays of sunshine warming the fields and our hearts.  After a quick breakfast and coffee, we got in the old pick up and drove to the back of the farm and parked it on top of a little noe, crossed the fence, and walked down into the woods. 
    We followed the creek, around cliffs and rock and down to the lake.  Tall hemlock formed a thick canopy over our heads, but, gentle rays of sunlight pierced thru the lacy evergreen limbs and warmed our bodies.  We crossed the creek several times and stopped in awe of it's beauty.  Water, clear as crystal poured over the wide ledges of the creek like small waterfalls. 
    Leaves from tall hardwood trees gently wafted to the ground in the slightest breeze, as if to say this is what I was created for, and it is my honor to do it.  A woodhen across the creek hammered loud on a hollow tree and sent echos thru the woods.  A school of shad swam the cool waters and darkened the water wherever they went.  A Kingfisher flew over the backwaters of the lake that backed up into the creek, dipping down close to the water looking for food.  A small bush grew over the creek, and sunlight reflected off the water onto the backside of it's leaves, like diamonds casting shodows in the wind.  God's beauty was all around us, and we were in awe of His creation.

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