November 14, 2010

A Little Country Church at the Head of a Hollow.

Ryan's Creek Baptist Church
  In Williamsburg Kentucky at the head of a hollow up Ryan's Creek, off Hwy 92 West stands a little country church, where the pastor and congregation still love the Lord. We were blessed to have gone there again this morning.  The winding country road leading to the church crosses many acres of farmland and runs along side Ryan's Creek at the foot of tall mountains on either side.
   Fog arose across the mountains and a misting rain fell as we drove to the church this cloudy November morning.  Though dark was the morning, we knew a warm and bright worship service was awaiting inside.  You see, we've been here before.  This morning was just what we needed to fill our hungry souls.  We had a good Sunday School lesson, the choir sang joyously, we had prayer requests and testimonies, altar prayer, and old time preaching.  I wish everyone had an old country church they could go to where the people still loved the Lord.  In times like these they stand as a beacon of refuge and hope.

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