February 25, 2013

Harlem Shake, No Place in Our Churches

Call me old school, but. I don't think the dance, 
the 'Harlem Shake', belongs in our churches.  
Churches are supposed to be a place to worship,
Holy and undefiled.

When I first saw the dance on TV, I thought how inappropriate it was,
when I learned that some uptown churches are doing it,
I was appalled.  Surely, I'm not the only one offended
by churches doing a dance like this. 

Last week I read in a local newspaper that a local church 
was teaching ballroom dancing, and the first dance would be, 'The Hustle'
I was saddened by that, as well.

The Bible speaks of a great falling away, and a great famine in the land, 
not for food, or water, but, for hearing the word of God.
God be with us, during these trying times. 

I am thankful that there are some churches 
that have not been hijacked by of the ways of the world.

Blessings, wherever you are, Trisha.


  1. Hi Trisha, I am your newest blogger friend:)

    It is so sad to see what's happening in our world today. Headline news are screaming murder, rape, violence, child abuse, etc. What's written in the holy books are indeed happening today and its scary.

    Hold faith my friend as good will indeed triumph over evil!


  2. The Hustle in churches...Yikkes! I do thank that dance is totally inappropriate, but some are acceptable, remember Ecclesiastics says "Singing and dancing and praising the lord"


  3. I so agree Trisha! We are in a "seeker sensitive" world...Do whatever it takes to get em....and we are becoming less and less sensitive to the guiding of the Holy Spirit...Being filled with the Holy Spirit and dancing to the Lord as David did "with all his might" is very different than pleasing people so they will come to church.. Yep, in the last days even the elect will be deceived....Lord help us to stay focused on the truth of the Word and "sensitive" to the Holy Spirit. No, you are not alone. Blessings!

  4. Going through reading some of the blogs I follow, I came across your via Patty Sumner's blog. Have to tell you you have spoken like you were on my soap box. The one place we can go to find a Savior is church. Why do we so easily forget that He said "if I be lifted up, I will draw all men to me"? Don't teach me the two step, teach me how to step (walk) with The Lord....