February 03, 2011

Eighth Grade Teacher and 'A Penny's Worth of Character'

8th. Grade Teacher

   One of my fondest memories from school days, was coming in from recess and our 8th. grade teacher, Mr. Paul Steely, reading to us.  We always read age appropriate classics in Literature class, but after recess, we lay our heads on our desks and listened to our teacher read our favorite children's classics by Jesse Stuart, making every story come alive with mischief and adventure.  He always chose stories that had a great lesson to be learned.  One of my favorites was 'A Penny's Worth of Character.'   When our daughter started reading, it was one of the first books we bought for her.  Then when our grandson came along, it was one of the first books we bought for him.  Thank you Mr. Steely for instilling your love of reading in us. 
                                                 Having a good teacher is truly a blessing.  We thank God for him.

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