January 24, 2011

Remembering Carbide Lights

Carbide Lights
Just a way of life in Southeastern Kentucky.
   Not for nostalgia, but for necessity, did we use carbide lights growing up.  We lived in rural areas without running water and modern bathroom facilities.  We either had a well, or carried our water from a spring. 
   We did have a flashlight, but batteries were hard to come by, and carbide on the other hand was affordable, so that is what we used.   Our outhouse was usally a good distance away so we had to have a light to follow the path at night.  Though we were only children about five or so, we were not the least bit intimidated firing up the carbide lights and heading down the path, by ourselves.  I remember well, how the light would dim, and we had to move the lever on top a few notches to spue up the flame.  I can remember knocking out the old carbide and filling it with new, and pouring water into the top. 
   Carbide has a distinctive smell, kind of like
sulphur, and is not easily forgotten.  
When I look back on our lives growing up, it's 
easy to see how God protected us.

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  1. I can remember my dad's carbide light on his mining hat. He was a coal miner up until the day he died. Blessings and thanks for the memories. I can remember going to the outhouse too.