January 11, 2011

Growing up in Kentucky was a Blessing

My Little Sister and Me about 1962

  When I look back at my childhood, I am reminded how blessed we were to have been raised in Kentucky.  This picture was taken in front of my Step Dad's log truck.  He   was a good man and a hard worker.  We never had a lot of money growing up, but, we were blessed with family, friends, and food on the table.
   We used to ride on the back of this old truck.  We stood behind the cab and held on to the buck board.  It was so much fun.  There is so much traffic today that it wouldn't be safe for kids to ride on the back of a log truck.  But, that was a different time.
   My Step Dad taught my older brother about logging.  My brother has made it his business for many years, and has been successful at it. 
    We were taught to be thankful for everything.  I thank God today for all His Blessings, back then and now.

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