January 15, 2011

Depression Stamps

"Depression Stamps" War Ration Stamps

  These War Ration Stamps were used during The Great Depression.  That was almost two decades before I was born; but, my Mom and Dad lived through it.
  My mom never wanted to throw anything away, because she had learned to be save everything.
   We were always made to eat everything on our plates and never waste food. 
  War Ration Stamps were used for Coffee, Sugar and many other items.  If you wanted to buy those items, you had to use stamps when you bought them, and were only allowed a certain amount of each item.
  God has blessed this country since then, and many who are alive today don't even know what a War Ration Stamp is. 
   We live in uncertain times, and something like this may return. 
                                                                                                                       We need God in our lives.

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