August 31, 2013

Old Butter Churn & Memories of the Good Ole Days

5  Gallon Butter Churn
    We found this old 5 gallon butter churn 
                   at a yard sale today.  This one is a keeper. 
 Sure takes me back to childhood days 
when some days we had so much milk, 
mom and us girls would all churn at the same time. 
 One of us would use a churn like this one, 
one would use an old crank paddle churn, 
and the others would poor milk in gallon jars, 
and shake them on their knees.  

Those were the days when so many families, 
including ours, raised most of our food, 
we raised a garden, chickens, hogs, and a cow.  

   Can't help but think we'd be a lot healthier
 if we raised all our food today, 
 just like in the good ole days.  

                       Blessings wherever you are, Trisha


  1. It was so nice to hear from you yesterday! I miss many of my blogger friends since I don't blog as often. We were at an auction the other night and they sold a butter churn--it went pretty high. I like yours better. And you are so right about raising our own food. I actually froze some corn from a farmer and made applesauce already. Hoping to have my own garden next year.

  2. My Mom grew up on a farm and has told so many stories like this. Making her own bread and raising their own cows and of course fresh eggs every day. Yes, people were a lot healthier, unfortunately the medicines to treat common ailments was not available or they would have all lived to be 100!


  3. What a find! Thanks for sharing your trip down memory lane. Folks sure had to work a lot harder for everything, but appreciated it much more.

  4. You certainly find some unusual things as yard sales.