March 07, 2011

Old Folks Call'em Rain Crows

   The call of a Mourning Dove is a mournful cry like... coo ah coo coo coo.  That is how they got their name.  So precious.  

           Mourning Doves

   I love birds, and here are some of my favorites.  A pair of Mourning Doves.  Doves are beautiful and the most gentle birds I know of. 
    Old folks call'em  Rain Crows.  I don't know how that got started exactly, but many people around here still think they are Rain Crows.  When we were growing up, and the old folks heard a Dove calling, they would say, "It's gonna rain, I hear a Rain Crow."  
   A couple of years ago, some friends were visiting, when a Mourning Dove perched on an electric line near our house began to call.  They said, "There's a Rain Crow hollering, must be gonna rain." My husband told them it was a dove, even showed them the dove on the electric line, and told them to watch it calling and they could tell.  Well, even that never convinced them, to them it was a Rain Crow, guess it always will be.  
Be it Doves or Rain Crows,  they are Blessings.

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  1. I have always heard that same thing....I have not heard them called rain crows. I knew they were doves but I have always heard that when they coo loudly in the morning it means rain is coming. blessings!