March 06, 2011

Ask Someone Whose Heart Has Stopped. What Did You See?

   Over the years I have read, and saw a lot on TV about the things people saw during near death experiences; that is when their hearts stopped and were revived again.  I don't believe, nor disbelieve those accounts; because I do not know the individuals personally.
   There are however, those that I do know personally, that have told me of their near death experiences, and I certainly do believe them.  I would like to share a few of those with you. 
   Several years ago and elderly neighbor and friend, had a heart attack, and was brought back with the paddles.  We went to the hospital to see him, and I asked him if he saw anything when his heart stopped.  He told me he saw the doctors working on his body, then he saw himself walking up a little path where everything was white, even the leaves on the trees, he said he wandered where he was going, but he didn't care because it felt so good and everything was so beautiful; then he saw the doctors working on him again and they brought him back.  He live a few more years and then went to be with the Lord.
   Another time we visited an elderly lady friend that had had a heart attack and was brought back with the paddles.  I asked her if she saw anything when her heart stopped.  She started smiling and told me she saw the most beautiful place she had ever seen.  She said there were flowers everywhere and people she knew.  She saw her brother and other family and friends, but she didn't see her mom and dad.  Then the doctors brought her back; she is near 90 now.
   We have another dear lady friend who suffered a massive stroke and had a wonderful story to tell.  She told us that God had showed her the 'River of Life,' she said she saw the most beautiful place that words could hardly describe it.  She is a wonderful lady and devoted Christian.  She testified in church about her vision and said one thing she remembered saying, was "Lord there are so few people here." How Sad.
   We had another dear friend, and elderly gentleman who has now gone on to be with the Lord.  He did not have a near death experience, but did have a vision.  He had been troubled over 9-11, and had prayed that God would give him understanding about it.  He was sitting in his chair, and his wife and two daughters were in the room with him when he had the vision.  They said it looked like he was in a trance, they thought he was having a heart attack.  They waved their hands in front of his face without response.  He testified in church about the vision he had.  He said that God showed him things that would be coming upon the earth in the last days. Cities going bankrupt, people starving, big lines of people, lined up to buy food, and many other horrific things, that I will not mention in my blog.  The church chose not to let him continue with his testimony, but my husband and I, felt the Holy Spirit so strong during his testimony, we knew that he was telling the truth, so we asked him to tell us the vision before the next church service.  He came early that evening and told us the whole vision, I asked him if he cared if I wrote it down.  He said he didn't care.  I wrote everything down and many things he saw in the vision, are now happening.  
   God truly has His people that he reveals things to.  Many scoff, only because they are not those people.  I am thankful that I know a few people that are close enough to God that He still speaks to.  Many Blessings, just felt like sharing my thoughts today.  If you know someone who has been revived, ask them what they saw, some see things, some don't, but you won't know if you don't ask. 

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  1. I hope my nanny was seeing such things this past week as she was about to pass.
    A few years ago my nanny had to be revived after a heart attack and she said that while she was out she saw the doctors working to save her life and she said she saw angels gathered around her bed. She said then she realized it was each of my children & me. She said it was such a beautiful site. I don't really know if it was just a dream she was having or indeed a vision.
    I just hope as she went through what she did this past week that she was not hurting or suffering because I really worry about if we did the right thing turning off all support. I hope during that time that she was at peace and walking through that garden of beauty.