March 04, 2011

Old Bibles from the 1800's

Old Bibles from 1847 and 1858

  This morning we were surprised with a wonderful gift from my childhood friend, Brenda, who is visiting from Nebraska.  Her dad is in the hospital and needs prayer.  She and her husband Ron drove down from Nebraska last night, so she could see her dad.
   She brought us these two old Bibles.  We haven't read any Bibles this old, and find that they are so interesting.  What a Blessing.

These Bibles contain books that are not included
in our Bibles, as well as commentaries.

These Bibles are very large, about
the size of todays Family Bibles

This old cross stitch and Bible verse cards were in one of the old Bibles.  The cross stitch has the smallest stitching, I have ever seen.  The Bible verses read differently than our Bibles, but appear to have the same meaning.   We can hardly wait to read more in the old Bibles.
This is just beautiful, and still has some of the old tissue paper stitched to the back of it.  We will treasure the old Bibles and little extras always.  But more than that we will treasure our friends even more. 


  1. What a wonderful gift. Love the cross stitch. Enjoy and blessings!

  2. What great treasures! I've always loved really old books, but to see these Bibles and the little treasures still in them --- that is really something!