March 23, 2011

Grandma Jones in one of her many predicaments

Grandma Jones

   This is my grandma Margarett Jones, known to most folks as 'Aunt Maggie.'  Grandma was born in 1876 in a time when country folks worked hard and had little in the way of entertainment.  So when a new preacher came to town, it was quite an exciting event.  I can remember my mom telling me this story many years ago:
   One morning when my grandma was trying to start a fire in the stove, a knock came on the door; my grandma not expecting anyone that early in the morning; opened the door and was quite flustered to find the new young preacher greeting her, "Good morning Mrs. Jones, how are you?" Grandma was just beside herself, and said, "Oh, I'm just in here, trying to fart a star, oh laud, I'm just in here trying to fart a star." Trying to regain her composure, she finally got out, " I'm just in here trying to start a fire." My mom and the other children stood by taking everything in stride and snickering at Grandma's blunder.  How easily flustered we can become when we are caught off guard. 

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  1. Neat story:) It's one you can smile on for years to come and generation after generation.