March 20, 2011

Estate Sale Finds


Lamp, Wall Pocket, Marble Egg, Sugar Canister, Indian &
 Horse Figurine, Spatter glazed Pottery 

  We went to an Estate Sale on Friday; here are a few of our finds.  It was a beautiful day, the people were nice, and we had a great time going through everything.  We arrived on time, but many of the nicer items were already gone, because many people arrived an hour earlier than the sale was advertised for.  All the same, we managed to find a few things that we wanted.

I've been looking for a vintage sugar jar, cannister,
  or sugar shaker, for quite some time. 
I was surprised to find it.  And thankful.

Vintage Sugar Canister

Vintage Wall Pocket, Spatter Glaze Pottery

I love old wall pockets, and pottery. 

We actually found a lot of other things, some needful things like a storage cabinet and a large bookshelf for the garage, a wagner iron skillet, and many little things.
We thank God for the many blessings He has sent our way.

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  1. How beautiful! I am just beginning to decorate my home with the primitive look. It will be one step at a time though.
    I always enjoy reading blogs from ladies who are from my home state. God bless!