November 13, 2012

Minature Christmas Trees

Minature Christmas Trees
   I've been busy making minature trees for the booth. 
I call them Charlie Brown Christmas trees. 
They have been going fast. 
 I am only charging $2.00 each for them,
 so the children can have their own trees.  
 I've also been busy making centerpieces,
wreaths, Christmas aprons, and other things. 
   I've had so many craft supplies in the kitchen,
that I decided to empty one of the largest tree boxes,
 to store the craft supplies in while I was working,
I used the flaps for dividers.  That is working very well.
 Christmas is my favorite holiday,
a Blessed time of year.
  For anyone that might want to make minature trees,       
you only need a saw, small round tree limbs to cut for the tree trunks,
a drill to drill a hole into each trunk,
and branches from an artificial tree. 
Insert the branch into the hole and spread
to resemble a 'Charlie Brown Christmas tree'. 
Wishing you the Blessings of Christmas wherever you are.


  1. What fun and certainly a good price.

  2. That is what I love about you always have others in mind.... You are a true blessing! I have taken a break from blogging...hoping to get back into the swing of things... Blessings!