June 26, 2013

From a Footstool to a Sewing Box

Wood Sewing Box Makeover

   I have been busy making lots of things, but, haven't had time to post pictures of them. This little footstool had a flip lid, so was a perfect candidate for a sewing box makeover.  

   I downloaded the vintage sewing machine graphic from Fairy Graphics, and printed directly onto the material. I did this by applying laminating plastic to the back of my material, and a small piece of card stock taped across the top back with the tape covering the edge of the material in the front. This gave the material enough stability to keep from jamming in the printer.  
   I used upholstery trim to cover my seams where I sewed the printed legal page sized piece, to the other pieces of material to make it large enough to cover the top.  I padded the top with quilt batting, and stapled the material to the back side.  I covered the back side with eyelet, folded the edges and lightly stapled.  

   It became a perfect home for vintage sewing notions, and the padded top worked great for a giant pin cushion. 

Have a Blessed Day, wherever you are, Trisha

1 comment:

  1. I love it, and I have never thought about using trim to cover the seams. Usually if I did not have something small enough to cover i didn't do it...Genius!