May 09, 2013

If You Can't Sell it, Whitewash it

Whitewashed Baskets


   Seems like everytime I buy box deals at auctions, I end up with a lot of baskets.  These are some that I had in my booth that wouldn't sell, even for a dollar each.  Well I don't like to throw things away so I decided to try something different with them.

   I used white acrylic paint, thinned with water, then whitewashed them with a paint brush. Before they dried, I applied printed graphics from 'Fairy Graphics', let dry, and sprayed with a clear paint; after that dried I brushed on a clear acrylic finish to protect the graphics.
   I was on a roll with the whitewashing, so I whitewashed an old bottle crate and applied a bicycle graphic to it.  Whitewashing is not new to most of you, but, it was an adventure for me.  Now I will be looking for new things to whitewash.
Whitewash and Graphics

Hope you are having a Blessed day in your neck of the woods,


  1. These turned out so nice. Don't you just love The Graphics Fairy? I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling them now.

  2. They look very charming whitewashed Trisha. I love the crate with the bicycle graphic too.

    HAve a blessed week, Sumaya

  3. Those look interesting! I think it was very creative to use the graphics!