July 29, 2013

Fodder Shock & Garden Shade

Fodder Shock
   It is a beautiful day in Southeastern Kentucky, today. The mid 50's temperatures this morning has turned into 70's with filtered sun, shinning through the clouds, this noonday.  July, usually holt and smoltery has been a beautiful month this year.
   We planted part of our garden with a second crop of beans, sun flowers, minature gourds, dill, marigolds, and coneflowers,  and needed to clear our small corn patch to plant mustard greens and turnips; so today we shocked the corn to clear the ground.
   We're not rushing Fall, just shocking the corn out of necessity.  Hopefully in a week or so, we will do the rest of our planting.

'Old Shep' Found a Shade

   While we were shocking our corn, our cat, 'Old Shep' rested in the shade of the 'Princess Feathers' I have planted along the edge of the garden.  He wants to be with us, whatever we are doing, but, he always finds a shade.

   How Blessed we are to live in the country, be able to raise a garden, and to have the companionship of and 'Old Shepherd Cat'.  Hope you are Blessed wherever you are, Trisha


  1. Your weather sounds perfect! I am so jealous,we won't be cooling off like that here in Orlando until November. I have to say this is the first summer that it has not been hot like a tropical rain forest...Yep, we have been blessed! how great for you to get in another crop!


  2. These temps have been so wonderful! I am just thinking August is going to be hot...hopefully not..I love the big Foddder Shock..Makes me want to decorate for Fall. Enjoy your weeek. Blessings!

  3. How do you shock corn? I'm ready for fall...cooler temps sound so great! We're about 100 degrees for the past week here in northern Texas.

  4. I wish I had room in our yard for a big vegetable garden. You really are blessed to have all that space. Smart kitty too!!

  5. Trisha, how nice to have a second planting for your garden!