January 06, 2013

There is Hope for Fallen Man

Watching the news this past month has prompted me to write a poem:

There is Hope for Fallen Man

Has the world gone mad while we were sleeping?
So much violence, so much crime.
Darkness lurks in the eyes of some
like evil waiting to be born.

We know things can be better.
There is hope for fallen man.
Jesus Christ is still within reach.
If we purge our hearts, and take His hand.

Somewhere, flowers bloom, and angels sing.
And The Father sits on His throne.
While deep in our hearts, sin grows and festers,
holding us captive and far from Home.

Let not this story end this way,
if it be so, with us this day.
The final chapter of our lives,
is one in which, we'll want a say.  

Hope you have a wonderful day, Trisha


  1. Hi Trisha,
    Love this poem and the truth it holds. Each of us have a choice to make every day about how to spend this precious life of ours. May we choose to honor and glorify God while we still have time to impact the lives of others. Love that you write poetry. I wrote a little praise song the other day, just for me to sing to God. :o)
    Have a lovely Sunday!