October 28, 2016

Making Christmas Candles out of Wood

Wood Candles
    I made these wood Christmas candles a few days ago.  I thought they would be easy to make, but, they weren't, because I didn't have the tools I needed.  First of all, because of the wood I chose to use, I didn't think using a table saw was a good idea. I was afraid it might bind on me, so I used a hack saw to cut the wood into pieces.  That took longer than I thought it would.
    To cut the holes in the top, I used a drill with a keyhole drill bit.  That only cut a ring around the center about 1 inch deep, but, left the wood in the center.  I used a wood chisel to chip out the excess wood, which again took longer than I had thought.
   Now for the easy part, I painted two of them with solid color paint, that I just poured out of the can and let drip over.  The square one, I painted with a brush, using red paint, then brushing white paint lightly over it.  I then melted candle wax and poured over the top and allowed it to drip down all sides.
   Last I inserted battery tea lights. Chipping out the center was what took the longest time.  If you have a drillpress, and a cut off saw, it would only take minutes to do all of it.

Hope You Have a Blessed Day,

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