September 04, 2011

Thank God for the Old Country Church

  This morning we went to Tidalwave Baptist Church in Whitley County.  It was a beautiful early Fall morning, with high clouds and a warm breeze. The church stood on top a small hill, as a beacon of hope to a lost world.  You can see my husband, preacher, heading around the building.     
Tidalwave Missionary Baptist Church
  We had intended on going to another church this morning, but, was led to Tidalwave.  It had been several months since we had been to Tidalwave, but, my husband said, we were going there this morning, because he had a message.                       
The Pastor Brian Reeder asked my husband to preach.  The message was to the church, the message was FAITH.  I don't know what trials the church, or it's members are, or will be facing; I only know when God leads, we need to follow.  The congregation did come to the Altar to pray.  It was a beautiful sight.  Please keep this church in your prayers.
  So many will not bow a knee anymore, even in little country churches.  When we are too proud to bow a knee to a Holy God, how then can we petition Him for a favor?  Dare we even ask?  
Have a Blessed day, wherever you are, Trisha  

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