December 14, 2011

A Christmas Poem

Photo from a Vintage Christmas Card
the Angel Announcing
the First Christmas Gift,
Jesus Christ.
                                                                          A Christmas Poem, I've written for you:

'Don't Let the Hours of Christmas, Pass Away'

Let not the hours of Christmas pass,
'til we've given our hearts to Christ
'cause there's no promise of another Christmas day
nor even a moment; they can all fleet away.

We sing the carols of Christmas now
with hearts of joy, and lifted brow.
But, of whom we sing, some don't consider
Had He not come, there'd be no hope for sinners.

                                                                  Yes, Jesus was the first Christmas gift 
                                                                      from the Father's throne, He was sent.
                                                                    My Christmas Prayer for you today, is:
                                                                     Don't let the hours of Christmas pass away. 

For those who know Jesus, of whom I speak, please join me in prayer,
for those who do not yet know Him.  Blessings, Trisha

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  1. Beautiful! Praying for those who need to know Christ!